Combination & Oily Skin Care Products | QV Skincare

Combination / Oily

Oily skin appears shiny and may also be prone to acne. Combination skin can appear dry or normal in some areas, and oily in others.

  • QV Bar

    Looks like soap. Feels like soap. But it’s not soap. It’s better.
  • QV Body Wash

    Soap-free cleanser for everybody, every day.
  • QV Face Cleansing Wipes

    Dual action for cleansing and moisturising.
  • QV Face Lip Balm SPF 30+

    Soothing balm for dry lips.
  • QV Face Oil Free Moisturiser

    QV has now created a lightweight, oil free facial moisturiser, specifically formulated to minimise shine and help keep oily and combination skin feeling hydrated and fresh throughout the day.
  • QV Face Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30

    Protective moisturiser for everyday use.