It sounds like you have a good selection of products for a wonderful skincare regime for your bub! All 3 products you’ve listed are suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin.

However, with the QV Baby Bath Oil and QV Baby Gentle Wash, we generally recommend using one or the other while bathing your baby. Both products help to cleanse the skin/are cleansers and are suitable for daily use.

QV Baby Bath Oil gently cleanses the skin and also helps replenish skin’s moisture if your baby has dry and/or sensitive skin. The QV Baby Gentle Wash similarly cleanses gently but has less skin hydrating properties than QV Baby Bath Oil.

After bathing your baby using either QV Baby Bath Oil or QV Baby Gentle Wash, we would recommend following up with QV Baby Moisturising Cream to further moisturise and replenish bub’s skin.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us here or contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 033 706, or email us at customerservice@egopharm.com

An occludent is a type of moisturising agent/ingredient. An occludent’s function is to form a barrier on the skin to help restrict water from escaping the skin and traps the moisture in the top layer of the skin. They help prevent moisture loss. An example of an occludent is petrolatum.

The QV Bath Oil and QV Baby Bath Oil are the same formulation, except QV Baby Bath Oil has added Vitamin E.

QV Baby, QV Face and QV Body products are vegan friendly - they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

There is no age restriction on the QV Flare Up Cream or the QV Flare Up Wash. However, our QV Flare Up Bath Oil is not recommended for infants under 6 months of age. We always recommend following the pack instructions and doing a patch test first to ensure the product is suitable. If a reaction occurs please contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 033 706 or customerservice@egopharm.com.

QV Flare Up Bath Oil formula is designed to be used for those with recurrent mild eczema where secondary Staphylococcus aureus infection is a problem.

For the correct benefits of this product, use only as directed, always read and follow the instructions provided in the label of the product.

If there is a persistent irritation or sensitivity to any ingredient, stop the treatment and consult your doctor.

QV Flare Up Bath Oil should help relieve the itch from mild eczema, calm irritated skin and reduce roughness and scaling. However, if your symptoms do not seem to be improving over time, we would highly recommend consulting your medical professional for further advice.

First of all we would like to advise the correct usage of a good SPF50+ Sunscreen and maintain good sun-care to avoid sun damage. If the damage has already been caused, we would recommend the application of a soothing aftersun preparation to relieve pain and inflammation.

Take cool showers on the lowest pressure possible to soothe your skin and remove any chlorine or salt residue that might cause further irritation.

Always avoid using soap on sunburned skin, as it can be irritating. In the case of a truly severe burn, medical treatment is necessary. Call a doctor if sunburn results in a high fever, visual photosensitivity, pus, very large blisters, or if the burn doesn’t start to heal within a few days.

None of the products in our QV Range contain any steroids. QV Skincare is a brand dedicated to creating skincare that is suitable to sensitive skin types.

Steroid creams are generally used as a topical treatment for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. If you suspect that you have an inflammatory skin condition that requires steroids, we highly recommend consulting your medical professional about your skin.

Our QV Face Rescue Gel is a light moisturising gel designed for sensitive skin. It delivers a hydrating boost that is suitable for use throughout the day, at night, alone or under make-up.

QV Face Rescue Gel refreshes, cools and tones the skin, maintaining skin hydration.

Just like the rest of our products, this gel is fragrance and colour free.

All QV products are suitable for use during pregnancy, provided they are used according to pack label instructions.

Although there is no evidence that there are any risks associated with the use of QV products during pregnancy, we would love to be able to know about your experience to ensure you haven’t encountered any problems – you can contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 033 706 or customerservice@egopharm.com.

As baby skin is sensitive and delicate we would recommend you using our QV Baby range: https://www.qvskincare.com.au/baby.html

This is a common symptom, especially during cold weather months. If you wash your hands too often, bite your nails, or frequently work with your hands, you are more likely to get hangnails.

Although there are risks for infection, hangnails are completely treatable, and usually heal within a few days as long as you don’t pull the skin. To avoid infection, it’s important to keep your hands clean and free of dirt. If your hangnail becomes infected or doesn’t heal within a week, consider contacting your doctor.

While hangnails can be very uncomfortable and painful, they can be prevented by keeping your skin moisturised. Consider our QV Hand Cream to help keep your hands and nails well-conditioned.

Our QV Cream contains less than 0.5% parabens. In Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) allows a maximum concentration of 1% parabens in therapeutic products while the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) allow a maximum concentration of 0.8% parabens in cosmetic products. 

The QV Baby Bath Oil is to be used diluted in the bath; the surfactant in the product enables the oil component to be dispersed through the water rather than floating on top of the water (as is usual when oil and water are mixed). This oil then coats the baby’s skin in a fine moisturising layer. This is the intention of the product – so no, the bath oil does not need to be rinsed from the skin after the bath; it’s meant to remain in contact with the skin.

It is important that we stress that we do not recommend the application of undiluted bath oil to the skin as a moisturiser.

There is only one product in QV range that contains microbeads: QV Face Exfoliating Polish. We use only eco-friendly, biodegradable, cellulose microbeads.

We take environmental responsibility very seriously, if you’d like to find out more about our corporate responsibility and environmental commitments, please click here: https://www.egopharm.com/au/en/corporate-responsibility.html