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From Dermatologists to Pharmacists, there are so many trusted professionals who play an important role in helping people achieve healthy skin. We wanted to feature just some of the many inspiring Health Care Professionals who help Australians tackle everyday skincare concerns. 

Meet Madeleine

Madeleine has been helping people reach their skin goals using treatments and advice supported by scientific evidence.

 QV Ceramides Lotion hase been reviewed by Medeleine.

The QV range has something for everyone. Their products help to support healthy skin, which is why I’m confident in recommending them to my clients. 

Madeleine O’Brien, Dermal Clinician

Meet Jayde

Jayde has been working as a dermal clinician for 6 years managing skin conditions at medical skin clinics. She also has experience at Victoria University. 

She always researches peer reviewed medical journals when it comes to skin conditions and cosmetic ingredients when educating the public on her social media. 

QV Gentle WashQV Dermcare OintmentQV Face Hydrate + Renew Serum and QV Ceramides Lotion have been reviewed by Jayde.

I have been recommending QV to my patients. The QV range has excellent formulations that provide relief when they need it most.

Jayde Taylor, Dermal Clinician

Meet Natalie

Natalie has been working in pharmacy for 13 yrs. In the last 16 months she has become an owner, a dream she has always had. She loves serving the community and helping people every day.

Natalie is also the pharmacist of choice on Channel Nine's Today show.

QV Ceramides Cream and QV Dermcare Ointment have been reviewed by Natalie.

QV is a trusted brand that I know works.

Natalie Isaac, Pharmacist

Meet Deshan

Associate Professor Dr. Deshan Sebaratnam is a specialist dermatologist at Liverpool Hospital and established a paediatric dermatology service there.

He has a strong interest in teaching and research. He has published over 100 medical research papers presenting his research at conferences around the world.

QV Face Hydrate + Renew SerumQV Face Nurturing Night CreamQV Intensive CleanserQV Skin LotionQV Ceramides CreamQV Ceramides Cleanser and QV Ceramides Lotion have been reviewed by Deshan.

I have been recommending the QV range to my patients for years, with the QV Intensive Cream my family’s personal favourite!

Dr Deshan Sebaratnam, Dermatologist

Meet Daniel

Daniel is a community Pharmacist for the past 13 years with much of this time being spent in the Kimberley. Responsibilities mostly servicing local communities as well as remote Aboriginal Health support.

A Pharmacy owner now, for the past 2 years, with a passion for helping people emphasising on effective communication with customers to assist with their primary health care needs. 

QV Dermcare Ointment and QV Gentle Wash have been reviewed by Daniel.

Australian owned and made. A big supporter of Pharmacy. They have a health based focus and are an excellent provider of training and health information.

Daniel Bowtell, Pharmacist

Meet Simon

The Paddington Central Pharmacy is a family owned business that has proudly been supporting Paddington for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service. Our staff members are highly trained and endeavour to provide you with the highest quality healthcare.

QV Gentle Wash, QV Dermcare Ointment and QV Ceramides Cleanser have been reviewed by Simon.

QV is Australian made, gentle, soap free, fragrance free and suits all skin types. 

Simon Sponza, Pharmacist

Meet Jessica

Jessica is a registered pharmacist practicing for over 15 years. Jessica is the Managing Partner of Direct Chemist Outlet Emerald Director of Emerald Pharmacy Services Pty Ltd.

Jessica is passionate about developing sustainable rural health. Through collaborative practice and a holistic approach to healthcare Jessica seeks to improve health, inspire wellbeing and connect her community. 

QV Gentle Wash has been reviewed by Jessica. 

I love the QV range of products. QV delivers quality, safe and effective products for the whole family. I use QV myself and on my children and can confidently recommend the products to my patients in the management of skin conditions but also in their daily skincare regimen.

Jessica Burrey, Pharmacist

Meet Anthony

One of our long-standing pharmacists, Anthony has worked at Moorooka Pharmacy for over 14 years.

He started working at Moorooka whilst studying at the University of Queensland and graduated in 2007. He enjoys being a trusted member of our local community and has a keen interest in all thing’s cars. Anthony is fluent in Cantonese.

QV Dermcare Ointment has been reviewed by Anthony.

I recommend QV as it is the most recommended product by Dermatologists. It is also Australian made & owned which is important to our customers. 

Anthony Poon, Pharmacist

Meet Stacey

As co-owner of 2 pharmacies, and mother of 2 young children, life is busy for Stacey! Stacey started to work in pharmacy when she was a teenager and this has led her to a rewarding career in Pharmacy ownership.

Stacey's biggest challenge is leading our team to not only helping our community with their healthcare and getting to know our patients, but also running a successful business making sure we have lots of fun along the way!

QV Cream has been reviewed by Stacey.

QV have a great range of products, from cleanser to moisturiser and specialty skin and face products. With a scientific approach to skin care, QV formulations are my favourite skincare.

Stacey Fuller, Pharmacist

Meet Jeffrey 

Dr Jeffrey Brereton is an Australian-based health professional with his own practice, Dr Jeffrey Brereton Surgery. Jeffrey is trained as a Paediatrician and practices in Wollongong. Special interests: Paediatrics, Neonatology.

QV Cream has been reviewed by Jeffrey.

Tried and trusted and very successful for skin health.

Dr Jeffrey Brereton, Paediatrician

Meet Emily

Emily Archer is an aged care Nurse Practitioner in Gumeracha District Soldiers Memorial Hospital and Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF). She works for the Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network and cares for the residents of the six RACF residents across the region.

Skin integrity is an important aspect of the resident's care, therefore great products and education for the nurses and carers is paramount.

QV Skin Lotion has been reviewed by Emily.

The QV brand of products are research based and Australian made and owned. Their products are well known and come highly recommended by dermatologists and doctors for excellence in skin care.

Emily Archer, Aged Care Nurse Practitioner

Meet Susan

Susan Butcher is a Lymphoedema Specialist at the Oedema Institute, Victoria. The Oedema Institute is a unique facility, providing educational courses and workshops for health professionals while providing treatment for those living with oedema related issues found in Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and oedema related vascular pathologies.

QV Intensive Cream has been reviewed by Susan.

Ego has an amazing product range assisting us with a large selection for our oedema wound related patients. Seeing great outcomes in a short space of time especially with the QV range.

Susan Butcher, Lymphoedema Specialist

Meet Trent

Trent Laslett is a local pharmacist at Morphett Vale Chemist King South Australia, and has been at Morphett Vale for the last 15 years. 

QV Gentle Wash has been reviewed by Trent .

The key to moisturising is using a low irritant formula that allows it to be used on a regular basis. That's why I don't hesitate in recommending QV Gentle Wash.

Trent Laslett, Pharmacist

Our QV skincare products are synonymous with quality and innovation, trusted by generations of customers and healthcare professionals to cleanse and moisturise dry, sensitive skin. Our range is designed to support your skin's natural barrier function, all without soap, fragrance or common irritants.


Our QV skincare products are synonymous with quality and innovation, trusted by generations of customers and healthcare professionals to cleanse and moisturise dry, sensitive skin. Our range is designed to support your skin's natural barrier function, all without soap, fragrance or common irritants.

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