QV Body Products

QV Body Products

QV Body is a range of cleansers and moisturisers that won’t irritate and dry out skin or strip away the skin’s natural protective oils. Free from soap, fragrance and common irritants, QV Body products help protect, moisturise and care for the skin from head to toe.

  • QV Bath Oil

    Helps revive dry or sensitive skin in the bath.
  • QV Shower Milk

    The luxurious way to replenish your skin's natural moisture.
  • QV Bar

    The QV Bar that looks like soap. It feels like soap. But it’s not soap. It’s better.
  • QV Wash

    Soap-free cleanser for everybody, and every day.
  • QV Gentle Wash

    Gentle, soap-free body wash for dry to very dry skin.
  • QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser

    A gentle and soap-free cleanser that’s ideal for extremely dry and sensitive skin.
  • QV Skin Lotion

    Non-greasy lotion for dry or sensitive skin.
  • QV Moisturising Cream

    Highly concentrated moisturising cream for dry skin.
  • QV Intensive Cream

    QV Intensive Cream is a rich, fast absorbing, highly concentrated triple moisturising cream designed to provide 24 hour hydration to the skins driest areas without the greasy residue.
  • QV Intensive Body Moisturiser

    Soothing moisturiser for extremely dry skin

Special Care

For people with skin conditions that require that extra level of care, QV has a range of products for extremely dry skin and eczema prone skin.  

  • QV Flare Up Bath Oil

    For relief of atopic eczema skin flare ups.
  • QV Intensive With Ceramides - Light Moisturising Cream

    Suitable for use with very dry, itchy, irritable skin. Supports the skin barrier.
  • QV Flare Up Cream

    To help relieve the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis flare ups. Contains phenoxyethanol, and contains hydroxybenzoate/s.
  • QV Intensive with Ceramides Sting-free Ointment

    Ceramide enriched sting-free ointment to soothe dry, cracked skin.
  • QV Flare Up Wash

    A gentle cleansing flare up wash, formulated to help relieve atopic eczema.
  • QV Intensive With Ceramides - Hydrating Body Wash

    Suitable for very dry, itchy and/or irritable skin.


Gentle on the skin without losing the fun! QV Kids is a gentle range of cleansers and moisturisers designed for sensitive skin. 

  • QV Kids Body Wash

    A gentle and soap-free body wash that’s ideal for extremely dry and sensitive skin.
  • QV Kids Foaming Wash

    QV Kids Foaming Wash is a dermatologically tested, effective liquid to foam wash. It is free from soap, fragrance, colour, Propylene Glycol and other common irritants.
  • QV Kids Balm

    Relieve and soothe dry skin.
  • QV Kids Moisturising Cream

    The fun way to moisturise!


QV’s range of deodorants are dermatologically tested and free from alcohol and fragrance, making them gentle enough to be used everyday by those with sensitive skin.  

  • QV Naked Deodorant

    Deodorant that is aluminium free for sensitive skin.
  • QV Naked Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

    Stay cool and dry with your sensitive skin.


QV Hair range is free from common irritants such as fragrance, colour and botanical extracts to help protect the skin and scalp from irritation.

  • QV Hair Nourishing Conditioner

    Intensive nutrition for dry or sensitive scalps.
  • QV Hair Gentle Conditioner

    Locks in moisture, free from soap and colour.
  • QV Hair Nourishing Shampoo

    Intensive nutrition for dry or sensitive scalps.
  • QV Hair Gentle Shampoo

    Soap free to gently cleanse and purify hair.


QV Hand Creams are rich in moisturisers to help nourish the skin, nails and cuticles, leaving hands feeling soft, smooth and supple.

  • QV Hand Cream with SPF 15

    Don't let your hands show your age; use a hand cream with added sun protection
  • QV Hand Cream

    Nourishes and moisturises your hands. Hand treatment suitable for sensitive skin.


QV Feet Heel Balm has been designed using AHAs and rich moisturisers to revive the appearance of rough, dry and cracked heels. It is a gentle urea and lanolin free exfoliator that can be used every day to leave heels feeling soft and smooth.

  • QV Feet Heel Balm

    Help bring dry and cracked heels back to life