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What you're saying about QV.

Wow this is a fantastic all-in-one product. It's so handy to take to the gym/pool and be refreshed afterwards, no more being weighed down with a bag full of products). The mere face that it's a body wash, shampoo and shaving gel means I don't have to fiddle around in the bag to find everything. I was at first not sure how it would clean and leave myself moisturised as it is for sports and you get quick icky because of it. But the reality was that it did cleanse my body very well, fresh as a daisy and not dried out either. There's no scent which is fantastic too as some of these sports body washes are too over powering. AS a shampoo, I was quite surprised, I probably wouldn't use it all the time but for convenience it does the job but I still needed a conditioner. As a shaving gel, well I used it on my legs and it worked perfectly. the razor glided nicely. This is definitely a product we will be buying for the whole family and for our gym/pool bags.