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  • QV Intensive With Ceramides - Light Moisturising Cream

    Suitable for use with very dry, itchy, irritable skin. Supports the skin barrier.
  • QV Intensive With Ceramides - Hydrating Body Wash

    Suitable for very dry, itchy and/or irritable skin.
  • QV Intensive with Ceramides Sting-free Ointment

    Ceramide enriched sting-free ointment to soothe dry, cracked skin.
  • QV Flare Up Cream

    To help relieve the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis flare ups. Contains phenoxyethanol, and contains hydroxybenzoate/s.
  • QV Flare Up Bath Oil

    For relief of atopic eczema skin flare ups.
  • QV Flare Up Wash

    A gentle cleansing flare up wash, formulated to help relieve atopic eczema.
Special Care Ceramides

QV Intensive with Ceramides

Dry skin conditions such as eczema can leave skin feeling very dry and itchy and needing more than just a regular moisturiser. That’s why we have developed the QV Intensive with Ceramides range- containing a new moisturiser and a new cleanser that not only helps rehydrate skin, but also helps support the skin barrier. The articles on this page explain how dry skin conditions can impact skin and how QV products may help.

Why helping maintain the skin barrier is important
QV Intensive with Ceramides - what you need to know
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