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“We discovered QV”

Thousands of Australian women have shared their QV Discovery Stories and how finding the right QV products improved their lives. Have a look below to discover the difference QV has made for them.

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Since I started using QV, my skin has never felt and looked better.
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Laura was able to feel confident in caring for her baby's skin
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Georgia's skin feels so hydrated and soft
The thing about QV that makes me feel confident is its strong history.
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I’m so thankful that I chose QV.
I discovered QV when my youngest son had extremely dry skin from eczema on his back and stomach. My sister-in-law recommended QV, and I've never looked back
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My skin, now using QV, is always soft.
QV has soothed my sensitive skin since I was a child. I've also recently converted my boyfriend to your products. He is so impressed!
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QV has become our family secret.
I really wanted to bath my little girl with something gentle and soap-free. After using QV Baby Gentle Wash just once, I knew I’d made an excellent choice.
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I really honestly feel like QV has changed my life.
I first tried QV Cream after my skin became constantly dry and rough. Now I walk out the front door feeling confident my skin’s looking its best.

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