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QV Kids Balm

Relieve and soothe dry skin.

QV Kids Balm provides gentle but effective moisturisation for children with extremely dry skin.
QV Kids Balm is water-free to reduce the chance of stinging.

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  • Water-free so it won't sting inflamed skin.
  • Seals in natural moisture by acting as a protective barrier.
  • Low-irritant formulation, free from fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol.

Paraffinum perliquidum, petrolatum, isopropyl myristate, polyethylene, cetearyl alcohol, silica, dimethicone.

Apply liberally to the face and body and massage in gently. Use nightly after bathing or showering.

CAUTION: If irritation occurs, wash affected area and discontinue use.  Store below 30°C. 

Use a protective emollient cream or ointment on extremely dry skin and skin prone to eczema.

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Name: alana kelly
Skin Type: Eczema Prone Skin

This is an amazing product for my son's allergies. It stops his rash itching. Thankyou so much QV
18 Feb 2019
Name: Maria Aya
Skin Type: Dry

My kids have been using this for years, they suffer from eczema and QV balm is the only one that can reduce their itchiness and dryness. Their skin has been well maintained and looks after by this amazing balm. Thanks QV!
02 Mar 2019

We were given this balm to test on our 8 week olds eczema during a hospital stay where it flared up all over his body - this balm was amazing! Every 3 hrs we put it on and in 24 hrs he had amazing soft skin and dry, rashy pealing skin was gone.

What a fantastic product! just days after it arriving we were hit with a cold snap and lots of windy weather,.My 3yr old daughter gets wind burn on her cheeks so badly she looks like she has painted red circles on with blush! I was amazed to find that by using the QV balm morning and night we cleared up the wind burn and prevented her from getting anymore. We also used it on both our 3yr old and 4 month old daughters noses when they came down with a cold. It protected the delicate skin on and under their noses from the constant tissue wiping!! A great product and one I recommend all mums have on hand!!

I love the thick texture, it so creamy and pleasant to rub into the skin. I like that it soaks in and doesnt leave any residue and the kids seem to really like it too, they have dry skin and this is nice to use on it.

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