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QV Skincare and ambassador Kate Ritchie launch new campaign, QV for Every Me


We’re thrilled to continue our ongoing relationship with actress, radio broadcaster and mother, Kate Ritchie, as QV ambassador as we launch our latest campaign, QV For Every Me, which recognises that no day is the same when it comes to our skin.

Following consumer research and feedback carried out earlier this year, we discovered an alarming statistic that 82 per cent of females are not confident when it comes to their skin. 

As an avid user of QV products, Kate can relate to the research findings, having experienced a lack of skin confidence in the public eye until finding an everyday skincare solution that works for her.

“Over the years being in front of the camera as a child and teenager, I’ve learned that skin confidence comes when my skin feels hydrated and clear. Your skin is like everything else in your life – the more you nurture it, the greater the rewards. I know that we’re often fixated on youthfulness but ageing is all part of the process and being confident is one of the most appealing attributes a woman can have,” Kate says.

“QV products have really worked for me and have provided solutions for my friends and family with all types of skin, particularly problem skin issues. These issues can really affect a person’s life – how they tackle it and how they live it – which is why QV skincare is a game changer for Australian women,” adds Kate.  

The QV For Every Me campaign, featuring Kate,  is dedicated to helping Australians know and truly understand their skin type, and to give them the confidence to identify their skin needs and the best skincare path. Everyone is different, every day is different but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution – it’s just about finding the right QV products for you. 

To learn out about your skin needs, you can find the skin solution tool here  www.qvskincare.com.au/skin-solution