What is Nappy Rash

What is Nappy Rash

What does it looks like?

Symptoms of nappy rash include inflamed skin around the genital area, blistering, peeling skin and ulcers. The rash can spread to the stomach and buttocks.

What causes it?

Nappy rash commonly occurs on a baby’s skin when it is exposed to a wet or dirty nappy for too long. It can also strike the bottoms of babies with particularly sensitive skin, even if they have frequently fresh nappies.

What to do about it?

More frequent nappy changes will aid in the treatment of nappy rash as well cleaning your baby’s bottom using fragrance-free and alcohol baby wipes or or a mild, moisturising soap. Give your baby as much nappy free time as possible and moisturise with a gentle cream, such as QV baby moisturising cream or Baby Barrier cream, to act as a barrier before putting a fresh nappy on.