What is Baby Acne

What is Baby Acne

What Does It Look Like?

Baby acne looks similar to teenage acne, with white or red bumps surrounded by red or inflamed skin.

What Causes It?

Just like teenage or adult acne, there isn’t a clear answer of what causes it. Experts often point to the hormones that babies receive from their mother at the end of pregnancy, or harsh skincare products used on the babies skin.

What To Do About It?

Baby acne should clear up within a few weeks; however if it becomes a concern and lingers for months, seek medical advice for a prescribed cream. Do not scrub the skin as baby acne isn’t caused by dirt and this will just irritate the skin more. Do not use oily lotions or an over-the-counter acne treatment. Just be patient and simply cleanse your baby’s face with a gentle alternative to soap, such as QV Bar or QV Baby Gentle Wash, and apply QV Skin Lotion every day.