When it comes to skincare, we tend to think about our face but often forget the sensitive skin on our lips. The skin on our lips is much thinner than that on the rest of our body, meaning it is far more delicate and could use more attention.

External elements such as wind chill, dry heat and even air-conditioners can all contribute to irritating and drying out our lips.

QV Consultant and Dermatologist, Platinum Dermatology, Dr Jacqueline Matulich shares her expertise and why it's important to care for our lips and keep them kissable.

Coverage with SPF

SPF containing products are a key part in keeping our overall skin healthy, fresh and protected from the sun's harsh UV rays. Despite understanding the importance of incorporating SPF into our skincare routine, we can often forget our lips are just as susceptible to becoming damaged under the sun. A great way to moisturise your lips and help protect them is with a lip balm with added SPF protection - look for one with a high SPF rating, such as the QV Face Lip Balm. Applied regularly, this should help your lips not only stay moisturised but also keep them protected from the drying and damaging effects of the sun. Please ensure you read the label and use only as directed.

Happy Hydration

It's not just your insides that benefit from drinking plenty of water, if you're hydrated, then your lips will be too. Consuming a good amount of water and having a balanced diet will give your lips the strength they need to shine!

Don't forget to exfoliate

If your lips have been especially dry, they can tend to feel rough, sore and not look their best. To give your lips a quick and easy revitalization, try a gentle exfoliation to help remove dead or dry skin and smooth out the surface of your lips. Try using the QV Face Exfoliating Polish by gently scrubbing a small amount on to your lips when you're using it on your face, this gentle and lightly foaming cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin, including your lips.

Hands (and tongues) off!

When your lips are feeling especially parched and sore, licking your lips will only do more harm than good, so avoid this if you can. Saliva can lead to removing moisture from your lips and further drying them out1. Instead, resist the temptation by keeping a hydrating lip balm nearby at all times to top up with moisture.

These simple tips can help add moisture to your sensitive lips, keeping them looking kissable and supple all day long.